SS Djakarta Raya 1952

SS Djakarta Raya 1952

Sun Shipbuilding, Chester PA

Sun Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Company (Sun Ship) was developed by Sun Oil in 1916 as a tanker builder and was in continuous operation throughout the lean inter-war years.  At the beginning of the WWII emergency, its 8 ways were increased to 20 with $28mm from the USMC, and later to 28, making it the single largest shipyard in the country.  At its peak it employed more than 40,000 people, organized in four adjacent yards.  The most northerly of the four, known as the #4 Yard, was manned almost exclusively by African-American workers.  After the war, the South Yard and the #4 Yard were sold for industrial development and Sun continued as a merchant shipbuilder in the Central and North Yards,  It was sold to Pennsylvania Shipbuilding (Penn Ship) in 1982[1].

S.S. South Bend (1919)

S.S. South Bend, an 8738 gross ton (18,680 tons displacement) freighter, was built at Chester, Pennsylvania, for the Luckenbach Steamship Company of New York. Completed in early 1919, she was taken over by the Navy, converted to a troop transport, and placed in commission in March 1919 as USS South Bend (ID # 4019). Between May and August of that year she was assigned to the Cruiser and Transport Force and brought nearly 5000 troops home from Europe. Decommissioned in early September, she was turned over to the U.S. Army and later returned to her owners. The ship had a long commercial career with the Luckenbach firm, some of it under the name J.L. Luckenbach. Sold to Panamanian interests in 1948, she was subsequently renamed San Francisco[2].

she was sold to Djakarta Lloyd NV of Indonesia, which renamed her Diponegoro 1951, but changed this to Djakarta Raya in 1952 and than she was refloated on 21 February 1956 and was scrapped at Hong Kong shortly after.  


Builder:  Sun Shipbuilding & Drydock Co.
Nationality:  american
Purpose:  transport
Type:   cargo ship
Propulsion:  steam turbine
Date built:  1919
Launched:  29-Oct-18
Tonnage:  8739  grt
Dimensions:  136.8 x 18.3 x 7.68 m
Material:  stone
Engine:  2 x Steam turbines, single shaft, 1 screw
Power:  1032  n.h.p.
Speed:  13.5  knots
Yard no.: 6
IMO/Off. no.:  217859
Cause lost:  collision

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